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Food groups

Definition    food group : A  food group  is a collection of  foods  that share similar nutritional properties or biological classifications. Nutrition guides typically divide  foods  into  food groups  and recommend daily servings of each  group  for a healthy diet. 5 different food groups: Dairy is a   source of calcium.      Calcium  occurs mainly in the teeth and bones. Carbohydrates give the body energy Protein  helps to repair muscle and bone. Fats store energy and insulate the body. Needed to absorb fat soluble vitamins.   Vitamins and minerals  boost the immune system. Dietary minerals are derived from the earth's crust.    Inorganic elements that are essential to humans for normal body function. Plants extract the minerals from the soil, and humans consume the plants. Iron is an example of a mineral which is a constituent of  hemoglobin  found in  blood. The five different food groups are: Dairy : the foods in this group are excellent sources of calcium,