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Types Of Thalassemia Alpha Thalassemia The alpha thalassemia is caused by a decrease in production of alpha globin chains due to a deletion or mutation of one or more of the four alpha globin genes located on chromosome 16. Alpha gene mapping can be obtained to determine the specific mutation. The alpha thalassemia can be generally categorized as: Silent Carrier Alpha Thalassemia Trait Hemoglobin H disease Hemoglobin H-Constant Spring Alpha Thalassemia major Alpha Thalassemia trait in a parent is often dicovered after the birth of an effective child. Beta Thalassemia Minor/carrier/trait : They appear perfectly healthy, however where two carriers decide a family there is one in four chance that their child could inherit their carrier genes and develop Beta Thalassemia Major, one in four of a child being normal and 50% chance of the child also being a carrier. Thalassemia Intermedia : A clinical expression for a condition between Carrier and Major .They often run a hemoglobin of 7-9 g