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Review Notes on Anatomy ANTERIOR VIEW OF THE SKULL, MANDABLE AND HYOID 1. Bones of Skull A.           FRONTAL:   Frontal eminence, superciliary arch with supraorbital notch of foramen, glabella, and zygomatic process, nasal part B.           NASAL C.           NASAL SEPTUM D.           MAXILLA Facial surface, incisive and canine fossae, infraorbital foramen , anterior nasal spine, nasal notch, alveolar process E.           ZYGOMATIC Frontal process, temporal process 2. Sutures of Skull A.      FRONTON Frontal and two nasal bones, nasion is the midpoint of the suture B.           ZYGOMATICOMAXILLARY Zygomatic and maxillary bones F.            Frontozygomatic Zygomatic   and frontal bones G.           INTERMAXILLARY Between maxillary bones 3. HYOID (MAKE UP OF 5 PARTS BODY,2 GREATER AND 2 LESS CORNUA) A.      BODY:   Quadrangular , convex ventrally B.      GREATER CORNUA Long ,   projecting backward from body;   joined in a synostosis C.      LESSER CORUA Short and conical processes p