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Head and Neck, MMED Anatomy, My Class notes, SR1

Head and Neck,  MMED Anatomy, My Class notes, SR1 THE SKULL AND FACIAL BONES v   THE SKULL VAULT Ø   Bregma Ø   Lambda Ø   Pterion §   Provides a surface marking for the anterior branch of the middle meningeal artery on lateral skull radiograph v   THE SKULL BASE v   INDIVIDUAL BONES OF THE SKULL BASE Ø   Sella turcica or pituitary fossa Ø   Tuberculum sella Ø   Sulcus chiasmaticus Ø   Anterior clinoid process Ø   Dorsum Sellae §   Posterior clinoid process §   Lamina dura Ø   Temporal Bone §   Squamous part §   Petrous part §   Mastoid part §   Styloid process Ø   Zygomatic process Ø   Foramen magnum v   CRANIAL FOSSAE v   FORAMINA OF THE SKULL BASE Ø   Optic canals §   The optic nerve and ophthalmic arteries §   The optic foramen view Ø   Superior orbital fissure §   CN V1, III, IV, VI and the superior orbital vein and the muddle meningeal artery §   Occipitofrontal view Ø   Foramen rotundum §   V2 – maxillary division of the fifth cranial nerve §   Occipitofrontal view at 20-25 deg